Secure Video Streaming - Tiniciti Preschool

Secure Video Streaming


    We proudly provide the best education and so we’ve partnered with industry-leading video streaming service providers. At Tiniciti Preschool, parents are offered a convenient App that grants them camera access in order to watch their children in action while in their classrooms and common areas.

    Why has Tiniciti chosen to provide live-streaming video?

    We are extending our open-door policy beyond the walls of our building. We want parents of children in our care to be confident knowing that their child’s safety, well-being, and education is our top priority. Our cameras allows parents and grandparents to stay connected to their children while they’re here, and to rest assured knowing that they’ve placed their children in the best care possible.  

    How does it work?

    Cameras are installed throughout the school in classrooms, playgrounds, and some common areas. The video is streamed live and parents have secure, individual usernames and passwords that give them video access to the areas where their children learn and play. Parents can watch the live video from their phone or tablet through the school app.

    Is it safe?

    Yes. All data is private. To watch streaming video through the app, parents must be approved by Tiniciti. Our school is one of the very few using this streaming video service to provide a high- level of security.  

    Why would parents want to use streaming video to watch their child?

    Many parents like the comfort of knowing they can see the fun their child is having in their classroom during the day. Some parents set up accounts for out-of-town grandparents to stay connected to little ones in our care. Parents who are deployed as active-duty military for long durations rely on streaming video to follow what their children are doing while away. Others find it helpful to check in on their child during their first day in our care or simply use it to check in when their child is having an “off” day. 

    Can anyone log in to see a classroom?

    No. You must be the approved parent of a currently enrolled child to use the application. To get access, parents are invited and offered the service as soon as they are enrolled. Tiniciti administrators approve them before they can have access. Only families of children in a classroom have access to view that specific classroom. It is at Tiniciti’s discretion which areas users can view, such as the child’s classroom, common areas, and playgrounds.

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