Curriculum and Programs

At Tiniciti

    We offer our families:

    • A clean, safe, and nurturing learning environment that allows children to move around and explore freely
    • Age appropriate extra-curricular activities
    Age appropriate, extra-curricular activities: 

    Older students receive, enjoy and benefit greatly from:

    • Dance
    • Yoga
    • Music
    • Physical Education

    Younger students receive, Enjoy and benefit greatly from:

    • Music
    • Tini Tumblers (movement and coordination development)
    • Guitar
  • Curriculum&Programs

  • Please call or stop by at any time to schedule a tour at either of our beautiful facilities. 

    We look forward to meeting with you!
  • Explore Our Curriculum

    Tiniciti Preschool’s curriculum has been developed through a combination of the latest research in Early Education, with a primary focus on the Multiple Intelligences of Howard Gardner. Our unique approach to learning is tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual child.

  • DailyPhoto-Tiniciti

  • Daily photos and videos

    Daily photos and videos of the children engaging in their activities are shared privately via email.

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