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Tiniciti Preschool The Roads

There’s a lot to be thankful for, but I especially wanted to highlight two of your teachers. The professionalism, knowledge, love, and compassion that Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Amarylis show me and my son each and every day is by far, superb. I feel extremely comfortable leaving my baby in their very capable and loving hands. I want to thank them with so much gratitude every time I leave him with them because I don’t know how to else repay them. I know I already pay tuition but I feel like they go above and beyond for those babies. Stephanie is extremely intelligent, very organized, on top of her game, and so loving. At such a young age, it is impressive. She is a tremendous asset to the Tiniciti team as well as Ms. Amarylis. 

I also wanted to thank the director, security guard, front desk and accounting dept for showing us so much love and care. 

I’d also like to highlight the education that my daughter has received. Her new teacher is a sweetheart, and her last two teachers were, OMG! Exceptional! 

From the bottoms of my heart, I want to formally thank you and the staff you have at hand at the moment. We are lucky to have such good educators molding and shaping our babies. 

Mileidy Serra

What a great place for our baby! Teachers are amazing and the staff is always so pleasant. Secure atmosphere with individual attention and genuine love for the kids. Highly recommended.

Juan Cedeno

The best child care in Miami. I put my both kids and they learn a lot. They tought them how to be independent, creative and social and I can see the result on my kids. Thank you so much for all the afford you did to the kids. God bless you all.

Amur Alam

I had to leave my 3 month old baby boy to go back to work and i’m sooooo happy with my decision of choosing Tiniciti @ The Rodes. He’s not only being taken care of, he is LOVED. Their Baby class is super cozzy and clean and they keep babies stimulated and take great pride on our babies developmet and milestones. But what made the difference for me is the kind and loving staff that received us, and the feeling that my baby is in warm loving hands is priceless to me and my family 🙂

Bibi Martinez

I love TINICITI PRESCHOOL. My 3 year old twins attend and enjoy going every day. I like the different ways of teaching no matter if it is through a song, painting, writing or playing. This place comes up with ideas on how to keep the kids engaged and to enjoy the subject they are learning. My two boys come home with complete joy to show and sing the songs learned in TINICITI, new number, letter or word they may have learned. I love seeing the smile on my twins’ face when I pick them up or even when I drop them off !

The teachers are very hands on with every child. Each child gets the feeling they are getting one on one time with their teachers in a classroom setting. The premises are kept clean and organized.

TINICITI supports our family needs. Our boys have been there for 2 years, and we hope to continue it.

many thanks TINICITI !!!!

Patricia Molinero

Tiniciti Preschool The Roads

I went here because I really wanted my daughter to start school, the place is lovely and the people are nice and she was excited to go. Sadly they are too expensive for us, but if we had the money I would definitely send her and my son here.

Tricia Rivera

My kids have been attending Tiniciti in Brickell since April of this year, we have moved from NY and we didn’t know anyone or anything around here, we did all the research for their daycare online and through the phone, and since the beginning everyone there were very receptive to us. My kids adjusted to the new daycare super-fast, and I am positive to say that it was due to the kind of attention they get from everyone there. All the teachers, assistants, managers, all the staff are super friendly and loving to them. I also love that the school has a real time camera that parents can see their kids whenever they want, and every time I check I am happy with what I see. My kids get lots of love and attention from their daycare providers and all the staff there. It makes leaving them there every day much easier to me, because I know they will be hugged, loved and cared 🙂
The school is always spotless clean. They also have a great program, and my kids have learned so much. Their menu is healthy, the school is super safe, the staff is CPR trained, I don’t have anything negative to say about the school and all the staff. We are all very happy with Tiniciti !!

Fernanda Araujo

I had both my daughters go to Brickell and then to The Roads campuses. Both are are equally great, and what really makes me love the school is the attention and love my kids get from the staff

Vanessa Noriega

As an early pre school and day care TINICITI has been an amazing experience for us since day one. the staff has been incredible supportive in helping our son adapt into a school experience and made it incredibly smooth and most importantly with a lot of love and care. Tiniciti is definitely a great choice for kids of any age. thanks Tinicity and keep up the good work!!!

Bryan Pena

I love love love tiniciti!! The facility is super clean and the teachers are very sweet and kind.

Michelle C.

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