School Overview


  • TINICITI Preschool is a leading childcare early learning facility with a focused approach in preparing students for success by offering an academic program that facilitates the development of several important skills such as: collaboration, problem solving, logical thinking, artistic expression, literacy and reading comprehension, mathematical reasoning. With the enhancement of these skill levels, children quickly develop healthy self- esteem and form close relationships with their teachers and classmates.

    Each day children are provided with opportunities to enhance their thinking and problem-solving skills, strengthen a positive self-concept, develop their ability to relate with other children and adults, express themselves creativity, and exercise their gross and fine motor skills. These life skills are experienced by thoughtfully structured schedules and routines where children exercise their natural curiosities and interests through a balance of whole and small group learning, and child-directed and teacher-guided learning opportunities.

    As we look to the future, we are enriching the curriculum, building the best faculty, integrating technology creatively, upgrading our facilities, and developing our program to an international audience.

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