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Tiniciti Preschool Overview

About Our School

  • TINICITI Preschool is a leading childcare early learning facility that focuses on preparing students for success. Our academic program promotes the development of several important skills such as collaboration, problem-solving, logical thinking, artistic expression, literacy and reading comprehension, and mathematical reasoning. With the development of these skills, children quickly acquire good self-esteem and create strong relationships with their teachers and classmates.

    Every day, students develop their cognitive and problem-solving abilities. Moreover, they have numerous opportunities to practice their social skills, express themselves creatively, and build a strong sense of self-worth. We give our students the time and space to learn these important life skills through well-thought-out schedules and routines. We encourage the children to explore their natural curiosity and interests through whole and small group learning and child-directed and teacher-guided learning opportunities.

    Looking ahead, we are always enriching the curriculum, recruiting the greatest faculty, creatively integrating technology, modernizing our facilities, and expanding our program to an international audience. Our goal is to provide an optimal learning environment that meets the needs of every child and family.

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