School Alumni - Tiniciti Preschool

School Alumni


Tiniciti’s Kindergarten classroom prepares students to be lifelong learners for the outside world. We inspire our children by developing their intellectual, physical, aesthetic, social, emotional and spiritual potentials by valuing each other everyday.

Because our kindergarten teachers build on this enthusiasm by offering projects that encourage them to delve deeper into the areas that interest them while working hand in hand with our theory of Multiple Intelligences, they thrive in the elementary academic classrooms; 100% of our Kindergarten students are accepted to both public and private elementary schools throughout the county, exceeding state standards and evaluations in Math, Reading and Social abilities.

We are proud that our school community includes years of alumni! No matter the option they choose, our alumni families and faculty  guide their children into the next phase of education with the confidence and skills to continue to be engaged as contributors to the child’s education.

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