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  • Thank you for your interest in Tiniciti Preschool!

    Tiniciti is a modern-day early childhood facility that offers its parents peace of mind. On a daily basis, our parents take comfort in knowing that their children are enjoying their day in a fun, safe, and nurturing learning environment. It’s the perfect place for children to learn, grow, enhance their skill levels, develop a healthy self-esteem and form close relationships with their teachers and classmates. Come on in and experience what makes this school the #1 choice for parents and their child’s education!

    Why choose Tiniciti Preschool?

  • Functional
    • Personalized Early Learning
    • Doors open from Monday to Sunday
    • Full-time nurse always on site
    • Amazing facilities and qualified staff
    • We are attentive, understanding, welcoming and familiar with your needs
    • We are within reach through camera access
    • We are always close to you through live streaming, up-to-date reports daily, and private transportation
    • We are committed to safety 24/7: private security guard, drills, unique keys & codes, cameras- inside and outdoors 
    • Extra-curricular, enrichment activities: Science and Physical Education
    • Multicultural, bilingual and multidisciplinary environment
  • Emotional
    • It is not just a school, but a second home
    • Coexistence and integration
    • Cozy and friendly environment, where your children sit in family.
    • School for parents program
    • Community involvement
    • Shared values and goals
    • Enrichment classes included in tuition: music, yoga, art, and dance
    • Welcoming Open-Door policy
    • We are reachable and always happy to serve, interact, answer your Q.s and will always go above & beyond for our students and families
  • Curriculum

    Tiniciti Preschool’s extensive curriculum is inspired by the Multiple Intelligence theory, which was founded by Howard Gardner, Ph.D., Professor of Education at Harvard University. The Multiple Intelligence theory stems from the belief that each child has a unique set of capabilities, strengths, and inherent ways in which they prefer to demonstrate intellectual abilities. Our teachers create individualized goals, methods of assessment and lessons appropriate to each student’s capacity. Employing the MI theory throughout the year allows the child to focus and develop the intelligence paramount to them; resulting in their ability to flourish exponentially.

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  • All Inclusive Tuition

    Our all-inclusive program includes Music, Physical Education, Dance, Yoga, Art, Science, Live-Stream Cameras Access, 24/7 Security and Homemade Meals.

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  • Drop in Care

    Drop-In care service is offered for existing Tiniciti students. Services are offered daily for ages 1-6 years old, space permitting. Unfortunately, we do not offer drop-in care for infants during the week.

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  • Tiniciti 21st Century Skills
    The result has been astounding: Tiniciti’s education program unlocks the hidden potential in children and fuels an insatiable desire to learn.

    Tiniciti’s Mission

    We are an Early Childhood Education Center dedicated to creating responsible citizens who are equipped to succeed in the Twenty First Century. We aim to create an environment that nurtures an honest, respectful, responsible, and creative child who is capable of problem solving through investigation and collaboration, and who is committed to the community and environment in which they belong.
  • What Makes Us Different?

    Children learn fast, and with teachers that have a degree in early childhood development, you are getting the best care and education for your kids. In a nutshell, Tiniciti Preschool has combined all these services in one beautiful preschool to help both children and their parents meet their individual needs:
    • I had to leave my 3 month old baby boy to go back to work and I’m sooooo happy with my decision of choosing Tiniciti @ The Roads. He’s not only being taken care of, he is LOVED. (…) 🙂

      Bibi Martinez Real Estate Consultant, The Keyes Company
    • I work in the building where Tiniciti Brickell is located but I loved the roads so much more that I chose to move her there. I really like they have an outdoor playground so they can go outside sometimes. The camera access is great so you can check up on your kids as many times as you want a day. (…)

      Jezebel Dominguez-Pazos Senior Market Coordinator, Shiseido Americas Corporation
    • Their “drop in” service is ideal! Their system is easy and quick to register with and the staff is very welcoming and accommodating. They provide us with camera access, so we can watch our daughter from our phone while we are out for dinner. (…)

      Melissa Rodriguez
    • I had both my daughters go to Brickell and then to The Roads campuses. Both are are equally great, and what really makes me love the school is the attention and love my kids get from the staff. 🙂

      Vanessa Noriega
    • 5 stars all around! My daughter has attended Tiniciti for almost 3 years now and it has been a great experience for her! All the teachers and staff are very friendly. (…)

      Kalia Mejia Kauffmann
    • Honestly? I LOVE Tiniciti. My son is 5 and a half months old and started Tiniciti, Brickell, at 4 months. I know it is still early days for us but so far SO good. I saw a Tiniciti ad as I was on my way to see a different daycare. I stopped by to check it out without giving any notice or making an appointment. (….)

      Rochelle Darvill Sales & Marketing, St. James Smokehouse
    • Tiniciti Preschool is an amazing childcare option for families in the Miami/South Florida area. The staff is extremely caring and my daughter always lets me know just how much fun she has on a daily basis at school. She has learned to count to 20 and sings her ABC’s easily, (…)

      Marco Iannelli Director of Operations, Marriott International
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