Safety - Tiniciti Preschool


  • Tiniciti’s top priority is to ensure the safety of all of our students, staff mmebers, parents, and visitors.

    We have contracted the services of Global Elite Protection (G.E.P.), a well-known security company with highly trained officers that work closely with the Miami Dade Police Department to physically monitor our property. 

    We also have 20 security cameras that are strategically placed throughout the property and monitored on a daily basis, a panic button that instantly alerts both the fire department and the police station should there be an emergency, specialized entrance keys  for families only, and an app that allows parents camera access so that they may peek in on their child or children throughout the day.

    Daily photos and videos of the children engaging in their activities are shared privately with registered parents via email.

School Security Services

Parents are offered a convenient App that grants them camera access in order to watch their children in action while in their classrooms.

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