School Nurse - Tiniciti Preschool

School Nurse


  • Dear Tiniciti families,

    We are happy to announce a new element to our school, a Nurse Station!

    As our school grows, we feel that having a medical professional at hand is crucial to the health and wellness of our student body. School nurses have a variety of responsibilities and are a vital part of the educational system. Our school nurse has a passion for providing quality care to children, and the necessary leadership skills to inspire other teachers to strive to provide above standard levels of service.

    The nurse will be tasked with evaluating the medical conditions of all children daily once they enter the school. She will develop and direct a rotational system to manage the care of patients, coordinate classroom health management procedures and make sure that all health records are up to date.

    Throughout her time with Tiniciti Preschool, our school nurse has been recognized for proficiently handling difficult situations with children and family members in a dedicated and reliable manner. We are happy to have such an ambitious person with the ability to work without supervision on our team. 

    We believe that a Nurse Station will be mutually beneficial, to the student environment and your peace of mind. You can pass by the station to introduce yourself anytime. 

    Thank you!

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