Stay Healthy & Safe with support and resources from Tiniciti Preschool

Tiniciti workbooks

Here are a few resources to help support you through this time:

As far as our extra-curricular enrichment activities, here are a few videos to help support you through this time:

Keep in mind, it is important to allow your child to watch a video routinely and for no more than 5 minutes at a time. Screen -time plays a significant role when it comes to schedule, recognition, and adaptability.

Educational Apps and Websites

Below are our recommendations for high-quality apps and websites for children over two. As always, we follow American Pediatric Association recommendations for screen-time,
including research that states interactive apps and experiences are much more valuable than passive.

More than ever, the health and safety of our staff and children in our care are our highest priority. We continue to monitor COVID-19 developments and update policies and protocols accordingly.

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