The Importance of Preschool - Tiniciti Preschool

The first five years in a child’s life are crucial for learning. Since children are born, they are constantly learning every day. Recognizing their family, their surroundings, and experiencing their first emotions, are the first things they learn at home. The first five years of our lives are full of discoveries, and with a curious and energetic attitude, it’s no wonder kids are really fast learners. Because of this, preschool years are one of the most important years in a children’s life. Finally, while children learn through playing, they develop important skills that will prepare them for the world. At Tiniciti Preschool, we are deeply committed in providing a multidisciplinary, nurturing, and fun learning experience for your kids.

Development of Emotional & Social Skills

A nurturing environment helps a child feel safe and secure, this is crucial for successful learning. Being away from their parents teaches them how to interact with adults and fellow children outside the family, which is vital to introduce them to society. In preschool, they develop their emotional and social skills daily, understanding their feelings as well as learning how to interact with others. By following instructions, cooperating with their classmates, and waiting for turns, your child learns how to form friendships, how to respect others, and most importantly, respect themselves.

Development of Cognitive & Language Skills

Providing kids with an environment rich with language ensures that their vocabulary will grow greatly. This helps them form longer sentences that are more complex. By asking questions that encourage thinking, kids are inspired to develop their language and cognitive skills. Supported by activities that challenge them to test their ideas, pay attention, and ask questions when they don’t understand, and look for solutions prepares them to use their creativity, cognitive and language skills to develop their personality and intelligence.

Refines Motor Skills

Throughout the day, children are introduced to a series of activities that will encourage them to develop their gross and fine motor skills. Their gross motor skills are the ones related to their larger muscles, they get stimulated by climbing, running, jumping, rolling over, and crawling are all introduced by games such as hide and seek, tag, playing catch and more. Their fine motor skills are related to hand-eye coordination and the control of smaller movements, these are encouraged by drawing, playing with building blocks, holding spoons, and cutting with scissors just to name a few.

Prepares Them for School

By being introduced to a structured learning environment, their transition to Kindergarten and further education is a lot smoother. The foundation of following rules and instructions are built-in preschool. By singing the alphabet, solving puzzles, and counting, for example, they have the tools to successfully develop their pre-math and literacy skills. With a high quality preschool education, you ensure your kid has all the tools necessary to successfully go to Kindergarten.

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