Stay Healthy & Safe with support and resources from Tiniciti Preschool


  • Tiniciti requires all students ages 12 months and above to wear a uniform to school every day. This consists of a T-shirt bearing the school logo and can be purchased in the campus’ accounting department. This policy is strictly enforced.  Children often get dirty through the use of paint and other hands-on material, toilet accidents or playing. The use of Uniform is Mandatory at all times. Please send in a change of clothes to keep in your child’s cubby in case they need to change during the day. These should include diapers (if your child wears them); pull-ups (if you have begun toilet training) or underwear; shirts, bottoms, and socks. Labeling is extremely important.

    The child’s clothes should be free of complicated fastening for easy manageability. Please keep track of these clothes and their seasonal appropriateness. If a child needs an urgent change of clothes and one is not available in their cubby, we will go to a sibling’s cubby, or our stash of clean, extra clothes. Parents are expected to return any borrowed clothes clean and within one day.

    Remember when dressing your child that they will be very active. Your child should wear sturdy, protective shoes (no sandals or Crocs®), which will enable him/her to run, climb, and ride bikes with ease.

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