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Sobre Tiniciti
  • Educación Infantil para el Siglo 21

    Tiniciti ofrece a sus familias un programa educacional moderno y personalizado para promover la enseñanza temprana en nuestros alumnos.

    El programa fue desarrollado en base a diferentes filosofías enfocadas principalmente en las múltiples inteligencias de Howard Garner.

    Nuestro enfoque multidisciplinario en la promoción de enseñanza temprana nos ha dado la habilidad de reforzar las limitaciones de los estudiantes a través de la implementación de diferentes procesos de aprendizaje.

    Nuestros resultados han sido extraordinarios! El programa educacional de Tiniciti ayuda a descubrir el potencial y gran deseo de aprender en cada niño.

  • Learn to Teach

    Before our teachers ever interact with students, they study the leading theories of world-renowned educators and learning experts such as:

    • Jean Piaget’sConstructivism,
    • Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, 
    • Theodore Sizer’s Coalition of Essential Schools,
    • John Dewey’s Progressive Education,
    • and Loris Malaguzzi’s Reggio Emilia Approach.

     Each of these philosophies shape the development of our hands-on daily lessons, programs, and activities, as well as how we interact with our learners individually and in groups.

    It may not be the simplest way to educate, but it’s certainly the most powerful way to develop the essential 21st century skills every child today needs to succeed.

  • Our Focus

    Regardless of which philosophy or practice is used during an activity or interaction, the aim remains the same: to inspire our students with a deeper curiosity for vital knowledge and critical skills. We strive to stimulate a lifelong passion for learning.

    As a result, the Tiniciti pedagogy relies on a host of core teaching and learning techniques such as:

    • Interest Based Learning
    • Mastery of Academic Skills
    • Conscious Discipline
    • Reflective Learning
    • Eco-Conscious Education
    • And the Reggio Emilia Approach
  • The Result

    The result is a child who develops foundational skills crucial for success:

    Let’s take a look at an example of how one core philosophy affects our approach to teaching.

  • An In-Depth Look

  • Psychologist Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences states that human beings have many different ways to learn and process various types of information, all of which are surprisingly independent from one another.

  • His conclusion? The concept of a single intelligence was inadequate. A person’s capabilities should be measured by the strength of each of his or her “intelligences,” 8 of which Gardner identified and classified.

  • In order to help our students excel and express their unique talents, our curriculum employs a wide variety of daily lessons and activities designed to strengthen each of the 8 intelligences. Enrichment programs like yoga help students express their bodily kinesthetic abilities while our music program helps though who are musically inclined.

  • Thanks to this approach, our parents receive keen insight into which intelligence their child shows exceptional ability in. Our program identifies hidden potential that often goes unnoticed in conventional schooling.

    Want to know more? Learn about the various classes, activities, and enrichment programs Tiniciti has to offer HERE.


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