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Young kids are constantly learning from the things they see, smell, touch, taste, and do. Basically, their brains are tiny sponges absorbing knowledge all the time. In this important stage, quality early education means an investment to your child’s future. Proper school programs offer children an inclusive learning experience that approaches education in a holistic manner, giving them the necessary tools to learn and grow in a healthy environment. As a result, early childhood education provides educational, social, and economic benefits to children before they enroll in elementary school.

What is early childhood education?

Early childhood education (ECE) includes formal and informal education given to a child the first 5 years of their life. This moment is crucial to the development of a child and it can impact the later years of their life. It starts at home with your child’s first teacher: you! The first step in your child’s education is the relationship they have with you, the parents. In the first two years, your child begins to develop his sense of self while having a strong attachment to you.

Then, formal education comes in. Your child’s caregivers and teachers are a crucial part of the development of your child. Any education your child receives before kindergarten is usually considered as ECE. There are numerous types of ECE, ranging from public to private institutions. As each child is different, education programs should be adjusted to your child’s needs and abilities. An inclusive education with a multidisciplinary approach like Tiniciti’s is one of the most beneficial styles of ECE.

The benefits

  • Promotes Healthy Habits

In Tiniciti Preschool, children learn important healthy habits such as washing their hands and brushing their teeth. The younger the child is when they start learning and practicing these habits, the better. Preschool or pre-kinder provides your child with a healthy routine, which they need to feel safe. When your child knows what to expect from each day they will have a calmer demeanor. A professionally trained educator, like Tiniciti’s teachers, teach kids these skills in a structured environment ideal for learning. Furthermore, according to research by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, children who enter ECE programs are more likely to finish college and less likely to be arrested and abuse drugs as adults

  • Helps Children Socialize

Children learn how to get along with other kids in school. Things like sharing, taking turns, listening to others, and communicate what they feel are important parts of their day. At Tiniciti your child will be able to refine his social skills and starts developing friendships with peers very early on. Research has shown that children who go to pre-kindergarten are usually better listeners and are more emotionally stable by the time they reach school.

  • Develops Lifelong Love of Learning

Children develop their literary and math skills with several activities like story time, drawing, music, and play time. What they learn in this time has an impact on their academic performance later. Furthermore, a good-quality, well-rounded education program like Tiniciti’s helps children develop their abilities through different types of games and activities. With a safe and fun environment for learning, kids are inspired to learn and grow more.

Early childhood education is much more than playing and naps. It’s a base that will provide your child with the tools he needs to become a well-rounded and knowledgeable adult. Find quality education for your children at Tiniciti.

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