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COVID-19 Resources

As our community navigates what has become a global pandemic with COVID-19, we continue to work in support of our children, our families, our teachers, and staff. In an effort to mitigate the loss of learning momentum, our curriculum team has created additional education resources that can be implemented at home.

Use these resources to help you teach and implement healthy habits and strike the right balance when talking to your child about COVID-19 and keep your child engaged in learning at home.

Updated Policies and Guidance: 

We continue to monitor and adhere to all guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the U.S. government to ensure that we are taking all necessary preventative measures and acting on each directive that affects any Tiniciti center. To view our latest policies and guidance around COVID-19.

Health & Safety Resources:

CDC Resources: 

Parent Resources:

During this uncertain time the health, safety, and well-being of our children, families, and staff are of paramount importance to us. As our schools continue to monitor the developments of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), we understand that our children may be confused or feeling anxious about the changes they are experiencing in their families, communities and their schools.School To Go:

Our curriculum team has created lesson plans and activities for the first week of April and will continue to build lessons as the situation progresses. 

Parents will be able to pick up the catered learning packages for Distance Learning every Friday from 8am till 5pm. We will also connect online through the ZOOM platform for classroom conferences and check-ins. This is a newly added extension of our curriculum, where our teachers will be about to carry out the daily routine. We will also be able to live stream with parents and speak with them on how to best educate their kids on the importance of staying healthy and preventing the spread of germs. 

This to-go curriculum guide includes additional activities you can do at home with your child to reinforce the weekly lesson with tips on basic hygiene practices, recommended books you can read with your children, and online resources for extracurricular activities that support a balance of playtime, downtime and family time.

Here are a few resources to help support you through this time:

As far as our extra-curricular enrichment activities, here are a few videos to help support you through this time:

Keep in mind, it is important to allow your child to watch a video routinely and for no more than 5 minutes at a time. Screen -time plays a significant role when it comes to schedule, recognition, and adaptability.

  1. Space Breathing | Guided Meditation for Kids
  2.  Arnold the Ant
  3. Twilight The Unicorn of Dreams
  4. Popcorn the Dolphin
  5. Mike and Muttnik on The Moon
  • Dance classes for preschoolers
  1. Brain Break: Fitness Songs Kids
  2. Preschool Learn to Dance: Big, Blue Whale
  3. Movement & Yoga

Educational Apps and Websites

Below are our recommendations for high-quality apps and websites for children over two. As always, we follow American Pediatric Association recommendations for screen-time,
including research that states interactive apps and experiences are much more valuable than passive.

More than ever, the health and safety of our staff and children in our care are our highest priority. We continue to monitor COVID-19 developments and update policies and protocols accordingly.

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