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Corporate Employee Benefits Program

What We Are

Tiniciti Corporate Solutions offers on-site childcare centers with complete direction and control wherein the employer is not liable for possible torts committed at the child care center.

By creating a formal partnership with Tiniciti Preschool Corporate Solutions, employers can provide a mutually beneficial arrangement for employees, their business, and Tiniciti.

The success of the community around us significant to us

Our company offers a discounted employee benefits package to corporate offices.

Through this, employers see a return on investment because their employees can come to work without worrying about child care and a solid education. For corporations, this investment is a big eye-opener; a collaboration with us will lead to higher productivity, leadership, morale and a more sustainable work/life balance for all employees.

Tiniciti Brickell West and Tiniciti Brickell East offer a dynamic curriculum aiming to instill a love for learning all the while creating precocious minds.

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