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With the longer days and increase in temperature (yes, even in England) sleep can be even harder during the warmer months. Or if you’re going abroad, the change of scene as well as different climate can all start to bother a baby.

To help Eli, our baby, and Darcy, our toddler, settle when it’s hot there are a few hacks we have up our sleeves.

For Eli we stick to using a cellular blanket, as it’s cool and the safest option for a baby. My wife bought a lower tog duvet which is much thinner than the one Darcy has used over the past few months, and it’s enabled us to maintain a more comfortable temperature in her room.

What should my baby wear at night?

As she’s older it’s OK to use that with her. There’s a great range of duvets to choose from in the George range and we found one which was also really reasonably priced.

Which brings us onto our next summer hack, the monitor which allows us to keep one eye on our kids whilst they sleep. There’s a huge range of monitors available, but we bought the Motorola mbp500 from Asda, which not only allows us to watch the kids but also has a thermometer display on it meaning we can keep the temperature between 16-20degrees which is optimal for their temperature.

Up until recently we had shutter blinds in the nursery which haven’t fully blocked out the light. Our daughter Darcy has taken longer to get to sleep and been up earlier, as a result we decided to buy some great blackout blinds from, which means we’ve been able to create a darker environment for to fall asleep in. I wish we’d bought these earlier as they’ve been a game changer!

By Asda

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